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- process control, cost reduction and water conservation


Onsite generation of sodium hypochlorite alleviates the safety concerns associated with storing and using bulk sodium hypochlorite or chlorine gas.

The MicrOclor Onsite Hypochlorite Generator System is a new patent pending state of the art design for producing sodium hypochlorite onsite for disinfection applications. 

Key Features:

  • Low Cost Hypochlorite
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Small Footprint
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Safe
  • Vertical V-Ray Cell Design
  • Immediate Hydrogen Removal
  • Reduce Scaling
  • Low Maintenance

Systems Capable of 20 to 3,000 PPD Chlorine Equivalent

The MicrOclor design incorporates all of the advantages of current industry standards while radically improving all safety aspects of the process.